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Over Classic Lancia

Classic Lancia is a Dutch supplier of several spare parts for classic Lancias. We sell Stainless Steel Disc Brake Cylinders, Disc Brake Pads, Servo Brake Adjusters, Bleeder Valves, Suspension Bushings, Inner Drive Axle Shafts, Ignition, Alternators, Speed and RPM cables,Headlamps, Bearings and 16″ Tubeless Rims.


We also distribute quality stainless steel brake cylinders from Hye-Dra-Cyl in Europe. Hye-Dra-Cyl provides replacement hydraulic cylinders for certain automobiles using Dunlop disc brakes. These products consists of brake system components that will never introduce corrosion into your braking system. Replace your old rusty Dunlop brake cylinders!


We also have parts for Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Daimler, Facel Vega, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes and MG.